Allison's Way (allisonway) wrote,
Allison's Way

Working In Senior Living Communities (SLCs)..

Yesterday, I noticed that I had another call from another SLC, and from the same area code in Texas as the one that had called the day before. As it turned out, they were two doors down from one another. And, I do believe that I have figured it out. They must have been surprise inspected by State, and didn't have an Activity Director (AD), which is what I am. A certified AD.

Getting a job in this field has been rough. I started just over 2 years ago working as a volunteer in a Memory Care (MC) unit. That would be for people with dementia. Very nice, very expensive place, btw. And, the woman I worked with suggested that I go for my certification. It took about a year 1/2 to get it, but I did. Two 16 week courses, two 16 week internships.

All the while, I was trying to find a job in this field as an AD, but it just wasn't happening. I figured it was that I needed my certification, first. That just wasn't the case. I had found 3 before then, and they were all BAD. Don't think what you see on TV are isolated cases. Then, I found one after my certification, and it was even worse. Sigh.

So, I changed my direction. I'm looking to be the Executive Director (ED). But, I haven't started to apply for any, yet. Actually, I did one, but never heard from them. I didn't do the online application right, though. So, this year, I am going to redo my resume, and start applying for jobs as the ED. I have the education for it. I would like to have more experience, but see above.

What bothers me? These places are often run by big corporations, and are ruthless in what they want, how they do it, etc. And, even though these places advertise that they have activity programs, with the ones I've seen, they seldom have an AD, and an activity program in place. Taking money from these elderly people, promising them activities, but no..


Maybe I'll write more about this, eventually..

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